Learn Rails by Building Instagram by Andrew Fomera

Learn Rails by Building Instagram

Want to learn the basics of the Ruby on Rails framework? In this course, we will build Railsgram, which is a simplified version of Instagram. We will go from rails new all the way to deploying to production.

Get it today and kickstart your Ruby on Rails journey.

What's included?

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What is Ruby on Rails?
Why Rails?
Initial Setup Requirements / START HERE
Troubleshooting Checklist
What are we Building?
2 mins
Getting Started
Running rails new
4 mins
Installing Bootstrap with Webpacker
5 mins
Setting up our Basic Navbar
6 mins
Adding Users
Installing Devise / Generating User model
9 mins
Updating our Navbar with working links
4 mins
Extending the User Edit page
4 mins
Adding Flash Messages
6 mins
Adding User Profiles
7 mins
ActiveStorage Introduction
Installing ActiveStorage / Adding Avatars to Users
12 mins
Creating Post Model and Controller
12 mins
Adding Validations
5 mins
Adding Post Feed (Post index)
8 mins
Adding Posts to Profile / Post Deletion
15 mins
Adding Likes to Posts
17 mins
Post Comments
Starting to add Post Comments
17 mins
Installing Stimulus.js & Finishing Basic Comments
13 mins
Paginating Comments for infinite scroll (custom pagination with Stimulus)
15 mins
ActionCable Introduction / Realtime Comments
25 mins
Comment Fixes / Touchups
6 mins
Allow Adding Comment on Post Creation
4 mins
User Following
Creating our Follow model
7 mins
Wiring up Following
9 mins
Only See Posts From People You Follow
4 mins
Preparing for Production / Deployment
Polishing User Profile
5 mins
Polishing User Edit Page & Devise Error Message Helper
10 mins
Polishing Signup and Login Pages
5 mins
Polishing Forgot Password and Welcome Page
7 mins
Adding Local Time
2 mins
Deploying to Hatchbox
19 mins
Conclusion / Thank You
Thank You!
Provide Feedback Here
Source Code
59.2 MB

About the Author

My name is Andrew Fomera, I'm currently a Rails Developer at Podia. I've been coding with Ruby on Rails since 2014, and started my professional career in 2016. 

I enjoy helping people and sharing what I know. I made this course because it's one of the courses I wish I would have had when I was starting out. 
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Who is this course for?

I started this course with the goal of making the course I wish I had when I started, so if you're new to Ruby on Rails, or interested in getting started my hope is this will be a great course for you to pick up and use as a resource.

I have a major pet peeve with tutorials going through fruit examples or foobar/foobaz, so I tried to pick an example with features that actual real-world applications would need.

Disclaimer: This happens to be my first course, so I will likely make mistakes, or get fumbled up talking and not make sense. With feedback, I plan on re-recording the course. Anyone who purchases the course will get any future updates / recordings, even if I redo everything from scratch. 

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have access to the course for life! I plan on adding bonus content with additional features too, so you'll get the bonus videos and any updates or improvements to the course/code forever.

What if I don't like it?

If you aren't finding any use out of the course or it doesn't live up to your expectations, I'll provide a full refund within 14 days from purchase as long as you provide me with feedback for how I can improve the course. 

I can't afford this course / Can't buy the course in my country

I've been there, and want to help. I care more about sharing what I know than making profit. Send me a Twitter DM, and we can work something out. 

What do I need to know?

You'll ideally have some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, as we will generally move quickly with that, and focus on Ruby on Rails.

If you've looked at the Ruby basics you'll be a leg up. You can try following along and just doing what you see but I highly recommend you spend some time and read up on Ruby before trying to build a Rails app.


It's hard to find a "complete" Rails course like yours. And the transition away from CoffeeScript into ES6?, Webpack, yarn… makes it harder to get an up-to-date course, packed with ActionCable, ActiveStorage, ActionText, etc.
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